Create Something with The Blank Space in your Mind

Vision. Believe. Create. Achieve. Live. credit: Michal Parzuchowski
Vision. Believe. Create. Achieve. Live.

Many people sit and stare into space, wondering what’s next for them.  Not really knowing how to take that blank space out of their mind and create something out of it. A matter of fact, most people don’t know what they want; however, they do know they want something better than what they already have.

So how do you take that blank space and create something from it? You do as the creator did when he created something out of nothing but pure darkness.

“You Speak Life.”  Talk about it.  Say what you want it to be, then be what you said you wanted it to be, simply by creating an atmosphere to Vision it,  Believe it,  Create it, Achieve it,  and Live it!

  • You vision the end results.

Start by building with the perfect picture in mind until your vision comes to life.  So, in other words, take your vision and make it plain by setting small steps and measure your progress daily.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Be like the farmer who attends to his corp.  There’s always something to be done.  From weeding and feeding to growing and pruning.

  • Believe in yourself.

Work on shifting your mind from the world into a faith and hope system.  They’re so many people who lack the ability to use their own gifts and treasures buried within.  They suffer from wanting to be validated by others when they’re already validated.  We cause our own lack when we don’t believe we can take a blank canvas and create a meaningful and colorful masterpiece of our heart desires.

    • Connect with positive people.

Create and surround yourself with the kind of people that believe they can do anything they set their mind to.  These people are the powerful forces of the world and they don’t mind helping others to accomplish their vision at hand. To reveal our truth, we must face the light to learn how to reach down and pull someone else up by lending a hand and then take our other hand to aid someone else.   We are the miracle workers working hand in hand with the Creator of all creations making everyone an artist.  We’re here to decorate our life canvas according to God’s purpose by using our own gifts.

    • Achieve by being purposeful and productive.

At this point, you’ve identified your dream and have made mini goals to be accomplished. To be purposeful you must have a target.  You must focus on the target by accomplishing the small steps to help get you to your end results, willing to do everything possible.  That means, research to find answers for clarity, purchase proper tools and equipment if needed, never stop learning, and ask for help when you need it.

  • Live the life you’ve worked so hard to create by feeding your miracle.

    When you accomplish anything, you never do it alone.  There’s an Infinite power source that energizes your faith and hopes all the way to the finish line. A man work (humankind)  is never done.  #createsomethingbook, are you a starving artist

    Check out the book

    Are You A Starving Artist?  Who’s an artist?  Everyone!  a small book to encourage and make everyone aware.  You can start decorating your life Canvas by tapping into your inner resources.  You have what you need.



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