How to choose the right color? Does it really matter?

Color choices for your life's canvas
Photo credit: Tyler-Lastovich

You Are In Control

What color would you choose to represent your life right now? Would it be vibrant and full of life (fruitful) or would it be colorless? Would it feel vulnerable (fruitless) or invincible (powerful?)

 I love vibrant colors.I feel Invincible, fruitful and Powerful. How are you feeling?   If you’re not feeling as colorful as I am.  You can start right now by,

Using your natural talents to craft the lifestyle of your Dreams”

I’ve been doing it for the past 28 years. Yes, it gets hard at times.  However, we must find ways to shift our mindset to offset our thinking during unwelcoming circumstances.  Read about how storms come and go and it’s really a way of life.  n my book titled,  Are you a Starving Artist?  Who’s an Artist?  Everyone!  Ask me how?

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