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Are You a Starving Artist? Use your natural talents to Craft The Lifestyle of Your Dreams. Discover and explore your own hidden treasures that are buried within. You are gifted with the tools needed to be courageous and victorious. Ask me How?

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How to choose the right color? Does it really matter?

You Are In Control What color would you choose to represent your life right now? Would it be vibrant and full of life (fruitful) or would it be colorless? Would it feel vulnerable (fruitless) or invincible (powerful?)  I love vibrant colors.I feel Invincible, fruitful and Powerful. How are you feeling?   If you’re not feeling …


Awaken your group or organization

Awaken your group or organization to live the level of their expectancy.  A life filled with creating exactly what they want by shifting their mind.

Are you an artist?

You’ll be amazed at how many people do not believe they’re an artist. When you asked the question “Are you an artist?” several have replied, no! When we look at ourselves, we see a sculpted body with great form and forget about the greatness we have within.

Our Life Journey

We are in charge of creating our life journey. We awaken every day with an opportunity to Vision it, Believe it, Create it, Live it, and Be it! We’re on an unknown path to encounter the known, as we represent our life canvas in colors to live out our expectancies.

I would love to speak life to your audience, small group, or organizations. Please feel free contact me.

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