Anyone who reads “Are You a Starving Artist? Who’s an Artist? Everyone!” will tell you it’s like having a conversation with a close friend. Every chapter and exercise touch our souls and minds, inspiring us to see things differently and make a change.

Below are excerpts.

Who’s an artist? Everyone!
Surgeons, lawyers, nurses, teachers, doctors, mothers, husbands, law enforcers, actors, designers, judges, accountants, bankers, psychologists, gardeners, farmers, hair stylists, financial advisors, counselors, mentors, scientists, astronauts.

Everyone, including you!

‘Go Beyond’
“Go beyond,” meaning, if I would just step aside, let go of all my fears and trust the power within me, I would move beyond my wildest dreams.

Understanding the Words
Thoughts are words formed in our minds then translated through sound. They can be laid to rest (buried), studied, read and felt. Words are an art of expressing how we feel, what we do and where we are in life.

Chapter 5: Don’t Believe the Hype

Not all men are good lovers, are romantic, have a six pack or are well-endowed. Not all women are homemakers, maids, stay-at-home moms, want children or are driven by sex. Not all children are obedient or excel in school.

We use the same standard for everyone. We’re only the same because we’re human.


“Are You a Starving Artist?” is Antreina’s first book. Look for more books by Antreina as well as coaching programs to help you craft the lifestyle of your dreams at www.getmoreinlifecoaching.com. 


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