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October 2, 2013

Antreina E. Stone
Get More In Life Coaching, LLC

Entrepreneur, Author, Coach Antreina E. Stone Launches Get More in Life Coaching, Announces Release of First Book, “Are You a Starving Artist? Who’s an Artist? Everyone!”

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WEST BLOOMFIELD, MICH. (Sept. 26, 2013)—Local entrepreneur, author and life coach Antreina E. Stone is pleased to announce the launch of Get More in Life Coaching and the release of her first book, “Are You a Starving Artist? Who’s an artist? Everyone!”

Founder of the highly successful Antreina’s Earrings, Ms. Stone has translated her entrepreneurial knowledge and experience into life-coaching programs, products and literature to inspire others to grow and find success when dealing with discouragement and storms in their lives.

Ms. Antreina E. Stone was inspired to write “Are You a Starving Artist?” in the same way she was led to start Antreina’s Earrings—by receiving a message through prayer. She says:

“One morning, during prayer, I was asked if I am a “starving artist.” Little did I know, each morning going forth, I would be awakened by a song—songs I hadn’t heard in years that came to me from out of nowhere (“If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands,” Chaka Kahn’s “Ain’t Nobody” and Otis Redding’s “Change is Gonna Come.”). Upon awakening and singing these songs straight out of bed, I found myself writing, the words downloaded to me like steady rain. The more I wrote, the more the words came to me. This continued day after day, until in prayer, I asked, ‘Lord, what is going on? What am I doing?’ Afterwards, I was led to this passage in the Bible, John 13:7 (NIV), which says, ‘Jesus replied, ‘You do not realize what I am doing, but later you will understand.’’ Taken aback from this experience, I took a deep breath, praised God and kept writing.

‘Are You a Starving Artist?’ delivers a message that everyone is an artist. Men and women create their own lack when they constantly look to others to validate them and fear knowing that they lack the ability to use their hidden treasures buried within to craft the lifestyle of their dreams.

‘Are You a Starving Artist?’ aims to inspire readers to seek (and they shall find) their artists within. A short and impactful read, this book offers tools to help readers to discover their gifts and talents within and craft the lifestyle of their dreams. Trust Him.”

Paralleled with the launch of Get More in Life Coaching, LLC, “Are You a Starving Artist?” is one of many products Ms. Stone will offer to help guide her clients to more fulfilled lives and positive mindsets. In addition to books currently in the works and future downloads to be available for purchase at, Ms. Stone offers custom one-on-one coaching programs via phone or video conferencing.

“In an age of uncertainty, so many people have been forced to make life changes because of lay-offs and other unfortunate circumstances that cause them to want to give up and not live to their full potential.” Ms. Stone says. “Before I started Antreina’s Earrings, I felt I could work just as hard for myself as I did for others. In the 25 years, Antreina’s Earrings has been in business, I’ve learned lessons the hard way about creating balance, joy, and success in my own life while offering high quality, memorable products. Get More in Life Coaching gives me the opportunity to share what I learned with others in similar situations to encourage them not to give up. Not just fit in where they can but do what brings them love, joy, and passion, which are the main ingredients to finding healing within.”

To Buy the Book
“Are You a Starving Artist? Who’s an Artist? Everyone!” a small book with a big impact, is available online at Amazon, Books-a-Million, Barnes & Noble, Get More in Life Coaching (, and Antreina’s Earrings.

About Antreina E. Stone
Antreina E. Stone is the founder of Get More in Life Coaching, LLC. Author, business coach, and life coach.

Antreina started her journey as an entrepreneur when she opened Antreina’s Earrings in 1989. Since then, she’s managed more than 100 jewelry consultants and sold well over 50,000 pairs of earrings, manufactured by hand and still selling today in boutiques and online at Today, Antreina specializes in helping people to live to their full potential through life-coaching services and products offered at “Are You a Starving Artist?” is Antreina’s first book. Look for more books by Antreina E. Stone as well as coaching programs to help you craft the lifestyle of your dreams at

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